My Journey

Whelp, I have come to realize I really do have somewhat of an interesting story which often helps others with getting to where they want to go in life.  I’ve decided to share my journey with the world…lol.  I’m not really a writer, so bare with me.  This will be a place for me to share quite a few things with you such as my path towards entrepreneurship, traveling, home ownership, single woman chronicles, natural living, and so much more.  This will also help me with seeing where I started and where I am at in the future.  I think this is an important thing we need to take into account as we move through life.  We often get caught up in frustrations based on where we are at in the moment and can sometimes come up with excuses even though we are really in an amazing position in life.  Sometimes you are not where you want to be but where you need to be in that moment in time.

I’m writing you this in a time where I am transitioning from working for others and having a salary above $100k/year along with having income from other things that I did.  That salary was needed but didn’t put me in a place of getting ahead.  I worked damn hard to get to that level and made many sacrifices.  I’ve left companies I loved to ensure I reached goals that needed to be achieved such as buying a house before the age of 30.  I achieved that goal.  If I waited even a year,  the market would have priced me out.  I also settled for a house that wasn’t turnkey and looked for something that was just livable.   I will say this journey is a bit scary because I am going at it alone, but I would be more upset if I never took the leap of faith.

I will save the rest for another post.


Regina 😉