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Integrity in Work & Relationships

We say we want people to be truthful with us, but are some of us hypocrites?  We want a job, but we have no real loyalty.  The companies want us but are also not loyal to us.  Where does the line get drawn in the balance of those who are complacent with anything and hold onto  job and do the bare minimum and those who are high achievers and will grow a business leaps and bounds but will likely need to seek growth later? Many companies ask for an entrepreneurial spirit, but most companies truly don’t want that. Many companies want you to show up and check the boxes and not ask why one box exists. Questioning the process is forbidden.  Suggesting new ideas is frowned upon despite a long list of employees aligning but being too fearful of suggesting change. Companies reward the complacent.  Could this be half the issue of why some companies are failing in retail now…not recognizing some people leave because they are not motivated by management or see themselves growing as human beings?  This fear of change or lack of acknowledgement in a world that is changing at a faster rate is just leaving some behind to fail and close their doors.

We all know most of us are just a spec in large companies and can get thrown out like trash when needed. I certainly have been there, but I will say the job you know you could care less about could be the job of someone else’s dreams. I believe there is such thing as something not being for you and leaving the door open to YOUR opportunity.  Sometimes when we decided to live in our truths and live with integrity, we often have the opportunity to achieve what we are truly searching for.  We hold onto things so tightly because we live in fear of having nothing, but that fear of having nothing and being filled by a placeholder sometimes keeps us from the road we are meant to travel.

As for recruiters and hiring managers, candidates know how to play the game just as recruiters know how to.  Maybe if we all decided to keep it 100%, there could be less turnover or maybe less time in between unfilled positions while changes take place.  A great candidate that wants to be transparent and create an agreement that could benefit and protect both parties is a good deal in my eyes.  We live in a society where many of us are forced to be squares when we are truly fluid beings.  The society where employers also have to live in fear of a lawsuit is also a real thing too.  This is for another topic, but is a real problem.  Some companies deserve to be sued, but most do what they need to do for the needs of the business just as we quit and move on to do what’s best for ourselves.  I personally prefer staying at places long-term and admire people who find companies that see their value and do their best to keep them on board.  That’s the holy grail to me despite having worked for so many companies.

The decision I was faced with today parallels with intimate relationships.  Some settle for who is there rather than being happy being comfortable with being “alone”.  Staying with the person can often keep you not only from your happiness but close the door to the right mate.  To truly settle also means the likelihood of fostering an environment that grows resentment towards each other.  Resentment of job or resentment of lover.  Relationships is a much deeper topic, but it is one in which aligns with integrity and getting over the fear of having nothing rather than pursuing what’s best for you and others you encounter.

To conclude:

  • Live your best life today
  • Time is the most precious thing you have
  • You don’t get time back
  • Spend your time with people and in places that bring you joy, and help you become a better person along with getting where you need to be.  You should also be able to do the same for them!